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Bonnies Berries

U Pick blueberry patch

Saturday July 1st, Tuesday July 4th and Thursday July 6th








Open 7am-12noon

Blueberry lemonade will be sold this Saturday and July 4th!



We planted the bushes back in the spring of 2006.  Linda (Bonnie) Owens has had her own private stock of blueberries for over 20 years.  Family and friends every year would try to pick these berries.  We decided that, due to the lay of the land and our soil type, that we should plant berries for all our family and friends to enjoy.  So after our research we decided to plant 11 different varieties of berries totalling 440 bushes.

The first couple years we were only open to family and close friends.  The bushes were small and we had no abundant supply of berries.  Within the past 2-3 years the size of the bushes really took off.  We were noticing that we were having berries rot on the bushes because there were so many.  That is when we decided to promote our business slowly.


Come pick your own blueberries.  We offer 11 different varieties of berries ranging from small to as large as quarters.  We sell the berries for $3.00 per/lb.  All the bushes are “high bush” berries which means they are all above the knee and some are above our heads. You can bring your own bucket or buy a bucket here for $2.00.


We are located right off of Central Avenue (214).  We are 1.6 miles east of Route 3 and approx 1 mile west of the Patuxent River.  We are on the south side of the road. Look for our mailbox below:


Randy Owens

Randy Owens


Randy Owens Started the Berry Patch in 2006.

Linda Owens

Linda Owens

Name Sake


Growing up Linda’s friends and family called  her “Bonnie” and since her personal berry patch was the inspiration for this “Pick-Your-Own” Berry farm … how could we have named the patch anything but “Bonnies Berries”!


Travis Harrigan

Travis Harrigan




Sarah Harrigan

Sarah Harrigan




Owen & Eli

Owen & Eli

Lemonade Boys


Step right up and they’ll serve you the sweetest “Blue Berry Lemonade” with smiles!




The season usually starts around the 2nd weekend in June and runs until the end of July.  The season starts off slow but by the end of June multiple varieties of berries are ripe and we have an abundance.




The Maryland Berry Season is short and runs from mid June to late July. We try to offer two picking days a week or more to insure a full yield for pickers. Picking days and hours are posted at the top of this page and on our Facebook page.




You can contact us by sending us a message on facebook or by calling Travis @ 240-375-1863


Bonnie's Berries